brilliant tv show title sequences

Smashing Magazine has a nice roundup on 20 Brilliant TV show title sequences.

words are pictures

re-imagining typography with images by Craig Ward.

nihon town

Nihon Town Poster by Ken Taya is jam-packed with Japanese pop icons (94 to be exact).

secret identities: 9066 preview

Secret Identities is an Asian American superhero comic book series. Here's a video preview of "9066" - featuring a Japanese American superhero dealing with Executive Order 9066 which sent Japanese Americans to internment camps during WWII.

john park - harlequin ape

Great detail and textures in John Park's "Harlequin Ape". Currently exhibited at Lucent L'amour in L.A.

queens jollibee

Filipino fast food chain Jollibee has arrived in Queens, NYC. Pinoys must be real homesick to wait 5 hours for some Chickenjoy. In other news, Cendrillon in Soho (a restaurant that has fueled many of our shopping/gallery hopping trips) has closed and moved to Brooklyn under the name "Cendrillon's Purple Yam".

yao says eat the head

This isn't new but its one of the funnier t-mobile spots featuring Charles Barkley, D-Wade & friends.

Still doesn't top this classic:

By the way, I caught "Year of the Yao" (2002) documentary on TV. After all these years, it was still interesting to see Yao's arrival into America.

tagalog skittles

the shinjuku incident

Trailer for Jackie Chan's upcoming movie.

welcome to heartbreak

nice visuals

bourdain in the philippines

Tony Bourdain makes a long anticipated (by many of his Filipino viewers) visit to the Philippines in a decent episode of No Reservations. The visit is largely motivated by a video sent in by Filipino-American fanboy named Augusto during the viewer-choice contest a year ago.

The running theme throughout this episode was of identity. Culinary and cultural. While seemingly unimpressed with Manila street food, Tony remarks that there doesn't seem to be one dish that identifies itself as "Filipino". However, after being wowed by sisig, oxtail kare-kare, goat head and sinigang in Pampanga and lechon in Cebu, he discovers that Filipino cuisine is truly a melting pot of culinary influences reflecting a complex history of foreign influence and occupation. Plus, distinct regional differences stir up the pot even more. He ponders why Filipino cuisine is largely absent in America - to which one of his hosts suggests that Filipinos are more adaptable to where they emigrate.

Tony meets up with Augusto in Cebu and examines Filipino identity through his eyes. As it turns out, Augusto has only been to the Philippines once. While he was exuberant with Filipino pride in his video, he appears reticent with his family in the Philippines. Tony plays counselor, as Augusto admits that he feels like an outsider caught between America and the Philippines without truly feeling part of either place and ultimately identifying himself as a New Yorker. His whole family in Cebu was eerily silent - perhaps nervous about having cameras jammed in their face while eating. But the lechon and its trusty handlers livened the mood and Tony claimed it to be the best pig in the world.

Even though only 3 regions were investigated, it was a decent episode. The Filipino guides were familiar to me in their emotional expression of pride and knowledge in their homeland. They complained about being overlooked in southeast asia (not just by Bourdain) and then admitted to looking westward to America more than its Asian neighbors. In many ways, I can identify with Augusto and now I'm craving for that crispy lechon skin. Video clip below. Deleted scene featuring tapsilog here.


French street artist Zevs drips on some familiar corporate logos.

blu mixtape

Blu | HerFavoriteColo(u)r Mixtape


shaq is a fool for this haha. nice moves by the big man. How orchestrated was that shaq/kobe co-mvp?

end of an era

A.I. cuts off his cornrows after 13 years. This was an era-defining look (along with the tats) that swept through the NBA and the streets.

life is good

From the upcoming album "Soundtracks2" by Japanese DJ Deckstream.
DJ Deckstream feat. Mos Def | Life is Good

vintage cassettes

I was old enough to catch the tail end of the cassette era. Making mixtapes was truly a crafty endeavor. Especially if you were too cheap to buy a blank cassette and you taped over an existing retail cassette by scotch-taping over those rectangular holes on the top edge. You could tape over the same tape hundreds of times, chalking up the loss of quality to an endearingly dusty and vintage sound. Even if the tape loop got stuck or unraveled out the bottom, you were resourceful enough to grab a pen, stick it in the spokes and wind it back into place.

Then you'd flex your recording engineering skills by deftly manipulating the record/pause buttons on your "box" to seamlessly transition parts of songs and efficiently fit everything within the 45/60/90 minute limit per side. My early forays into graphic design involved making homemade cassette wrappers. I would trace the blank cassette template onto a medium weight paper, design and illustrate the cover, spine, flap and inside and fold it into the holder.

Ahh, the simple pre-digital age. Here's a flickr gallery of some vintage blank cassette inserts from the 70's & 80's.

The [Abstract] Best mixtape

A must have for Q-tip fans: J.Period presents The [Abstract] Best Mixtape.

nothing to worry about

Peter Bjorn & John's video, "Nothing To Worry About" features a dancing Japanese biker gang and awesome hair.

303,000 people extremely terrified of chinese people

Type in "I am extremely" in Google's search box and you'll come up with these queries. Courtesy of Gizmodo.


WhatTheFont is a cool iPhone app that can identify fonts that may allude the internal font library in your brain. Ok, maybe that's just me. But I've had an interest in typography since childhood. All you have to do is take a photo of the font in question and the app will recognize individual letters and identify it. Its most effective when the text is clear with high contrast definition.

fallon/the roots promo

Not a big Fallon fan, but we'll see how this works out.

recession logos

Some of the world's biggest identities rebranded to fit the recessionary times.

cradle orchestra

Black Thought does a collabo with Japanese group Cradle Orchestra on this mellow track:
Cradle Orchestra feat. Black Thought | Live Forever
Cradle Orchestra feat. Asheru | Cheers

Onitsuka Tiger 60th bday campaign

Amsterdam Worldwide created a 1 meter long Onitsuka Tiger trainer featuring the landscapes and landmarks of Japan. It also features a race circuit retelling the ancient Zodiac legend of 13 animals racing to secure a spot in the calendar.


The NBA recently announced that it will hold a game of h-o-r-s-e on All-Star weekend. Will it be as good as this classic MJ-Bird McDonald's commercial?

what a game!

As hard as it is for a Ravens fan, I must give props to the Steelers for winning a memorable Super Bowl. The Iron City six-pack is complete, Obama's prediction was money, and Omar Epps becomes the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl. Felt bad for Kurt Warner and Larry Fitz - they led an improbably comeback only to have it squandered by a defense that had been locking down Big Ben throughout the 4th quarter.

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