I Wanna Be Where You Are

The Roots & Erykah Badu | I Wanna Be Where You Are (Michael Jackson Cover)

MJ tribute

DJ Jaycee Mixtape: Michael Jackson - The Soulful Years
JPeriod Mixtape: Michael Jackson - Man or the Music

I was a typical 80's baby growing up on Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna. What persisted beyond my infatuations with Purple Rain and Like a Virgin was my fandom for the Gloved one. I had an MJ poster on my wall. I don't remember how I got it or if I asked for it, but it was on my wall. He was rocking a multizippered red leather jacket from Beat It and his nose was only lightly operated on.

As a very young child, I amazed my parents by mastering the VCR (Video Cassette Recorder for you young'ns) for the sole purpose of taping MJ's music videos. When friends and neighbors visited, my parents nudged me to perform. Not to sing, dance or repeat things learned in school - but to show off my VCR skills. Taping, "Time Taping", Record/Pause functions to seamlessly transition from one MJ video to the next. And of course I moonwalked with friends across the living room, through the classroom and around the playground. Even though I became disenchanted with him in the 90's, the Thriller-Bad-Dangerous era of MJ provided the soundtrack to my formative years.

How I Got Over

The Roots perform their new single "How I Got Over" on the Fallon show:

tokyo time lapse

courtesy of C-Scout Japan.

press hop

kill too hard

Wu Tang Clan | Kill Too Hard

20th Century Boys

Saw Chapter 1 of this 20th Century Boy double feature at the NYC Asian Film Festival. Very entertaining flick. Wish I could've stuck around to see Chapter 2, but I had to meet up with friends. Chapter 3 is set for release in Japan later this year. This live action adaptation of the famed sci-fi manga was action-packed popcorn entertainment spelled with bits of humor delivered by numerous Japanese comedians in cameo spots.

leo's song

leo's song: animation by impactist (kelly meador & daniel elwing)

Leo's Song from impactist on Vimeo.

superflat first love

Takashi Murakami for LV: Superflat First Love

paper yeezys

paper yeezys by filippo perin.

monster movie baseball posters

cool baseball posters promoting the mediocre chiba lotte marines.


n.a.s.a. (feat sizzla, amanda blank & lovefoxxx) "a volta" video:

The Alchemist feat. Maxwell & Twista | Smile

Clipse feat. Pharrell | I'm Good

power up and play

Power Up and Play (via Deviantart)


deadline: stop motion film by bang-yao liu:

1/2 aston martin

aston martin cut in half. debut of the new dbs volante at cooper square hotel in ny.


haha: hammer pants dancers crash a hipster store and its tight jeans shoppers. this vid is promoting hammer's new reality show on A&E.

tetris furniture

tetris celebrated its 25th anniversary. here's some tetris inspired furniture by stephanie choplin.


Just like "Wall-E" a year ago, Pixar delivers one of the best films of the year in "UP". These two films excel for the same reason: humanity. The animation is beautiful and technically flawless but it rightfully supports - and never overpowers - the emotional pull of the story. Carl, the 78 year old grump, is a wonderfully unusual choice for a protagonist in an animated film. Underneath his grouchiness, he delivers the heart and soul of the film through his faithful dedication to his recently deceased wife, Ellie.

The film opens with a youthful Carl meeting a spirited Ellie, who shares his dream of being an adventurer. Her boundless spirit and energy complements his reticence and brings him out of his shell. Its a cute and blushing scene, however the real heart of the film follows in a 10 minute wordless sequence which chronicles their relationship from childhood to courtship and marriage until old age. Compressing such a long period of time can come off as trivial but this particular scene perfectly celebrates the beauty of lifelong love without words. It is a heartfelt homage to growing old together and captures the little things in life which endear Carl and Ellie to each other. Truly one of the best sequences I've seen on film in a long time. We now feel the emotional motivation behind Carl's mission to fulfill his recently deceased wife's dream of traveling to a Lost Land in South America.

Of course, all this emotion and sentiment is balanced by the wonderment of his flying house and by bits of humor and physical comedy - most of which are delivered by the 8 year old stowaway Russell and their animal companions. While I think this film might be over the heads of children under 5 years old, it is certainly a treat for the rest of us.

storm drains of sao pãolo.

couture sushi

couture sushi? print ads by taku satoh design office for issey miyake's pleats please line.

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