TOTO toilet ad campaign

On my first visit to Japan, I took a camera inside my in-laws' bathroom. And much to my wife's embarrassment, I took a picture of their toilet. That was quite a first impression to make upon my bewildered hosts. But I couldn't help it. The Japanese have the most advanced toilets in the world. And I just wanted a snapshot of the toilet's control panel which allowed adjustments to a crazy number of features including bidet, shower, warm air and seat warmer options. And I was told it didn't even feature the most cutting edge toilet technology.

Toto makes some toilets that even open their lid when sensing a person nearby, then flushes and closes lid automatically after use. Then there's the models with an MP3 player - either for entertainment or to cover the sounds of bashful poopers. Here's their cute "Clean is Happy" ad campaign for new products.

I can imagine that my butt would smile if had the pleasure to use their wonderful washlets.


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