the answer returns

Classy return by Allen Iverson to Philadelphia. He showed his love for the city and the fans when he kissed the Sixers logo at midcourt, hugged Mo Cheeks and his former teammates, and did his trademark cupping of his ear to the crowd. He even rocked custom sneakers with "THXPHILA" imprinted on them. I've been a fan since his days in Gtown and rocked 2 of his jerseys during his time in Philly. He defined bball in Philly for almost a decade. Sure he had off the court issues and you can disagree with his playing style or the Sixers' strategy to build around a little guy, but he never let it affect his play on the court. The whole "Practice" soundbyte is real played out and it was nice to see fans appreciate a guy who played his heart out every night.


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