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Congrats to the NBA champion Boston Celtics. Game 6 was an embarrassing blowout to closeout the Hollywood Fakers (props to Steve Somers at WFAN for that nickname) and clinch the Celtics' 17th NBA championship. It was great to see the Celtics Big 3 finally win a 'chip and their grit, passion and veteran leadership - along with Posey, PJ Brown and Sam Cassell - would not be denied. As for the Fakers? Kobe has shown a chink in his armor - he can struggle against long defenders who can stay in front of him and disrupt his shot - it was proven by Posey & Pierce in these Finals and by Tayshaun Prince in the '04 finals. Yet the biggest letdown was the skittish play of Gasol and Odom. The Fakers' 2nd and 3rd options came up small and soft. The rest of the youthful supporting cast were simply not ready. Pierce earned his deserved MVP in every way. He clearly defined himself as the leader of this title team. Now its on to the draft and the Olympics!


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