a dark dark knight

The Dark Knight is a dense, dark and totally absorbing film. There was not a slow moment in the movie but none of the action was mindless and the plot twists were suprisingly suprising. The film grabbed my attention for every second from the opening scene - which is a rarity. The beautifully bleak visuals support the psychological depth behind the inner struggles that motivate Batman and the deranged Joker - further questioning ingrained ideals of heroism and preying upon the ugliness of Gothamites.

The Dark Knight raised the bar of sophistication for a comic book movie that was Ledger's central performance lives up to all the frenzied hype but the movie also gains in upgrading from Katie Holmes to Maggie Gyllenhaal and Aaron Eckhart's charismatic Harvey "Two Face" Dent. I'm a sucker for dark films, but The Dark Knight isn't only one of my favorite comic book films...but one of my favorite films in recent years.


kingdom media said...

i still wish Katie Holmes had stayed on board as Rachel Dawes for the Dark Knight; it was like the time spent getting familiar with her character in Batman Begins was wasted...

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