fall pickups

I recently sold off nearly half of my sneaker collection for decent money - it pays off to keep every pair pristine. My closet could easily be mistaken for a stock room at NikeTown with its claustrophobic skyscraper stacks of shoeboxes. Admittedly, I binged on some crazy kicks over the years and it felt good to purge. I must have inherited the shoe-collecting gene from my mom...or maybe it was an unconscious homage to Imelda Marcos. At times the materialism disgusted me, but that feeling only lasted until the next fresh pair of kicks caught my eye.

The connectivity of the internet never ceases to amaze me. Right now some kid is rockin' two pairs of my adidas on the streets of Reims, France; a Dutch-named dude is stepping through South Africa in my AF1's, and I mailed a pair of air max's to an employee of Goldman Sachs. Wonder if a piece of that Warren Buffet investment went into that purchase.

As for myself, I'm keeping things understated, clean and high this autumn with a trio of Clae Russells and a tough looking pair of Nike Blazers in black and taupe.


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