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Read an interesting article in NYT about IBM proceeding with undisclosed layoffs despite being one of the few companies to post 1st quarter profits. One laid off engineer claimed that the company was using the recession as an excuse to layoff employees and mask increased outsourcing. Somebody get Lou Dobbs on the phone.

To say we live in uneasy times is a gross understatement. My company announced that the layoffs are finished for the year, but its hard to believe such proclamations when the health of the company is uncertain. You can project a certain percentage of losses but what if the drop exceeds that percentage? The emptier parking lots and vacant desks are daily reminders of the unease. So is seeing certain employees working multiple jobs to pick up the "slack".

Is your company shitting on you because of the economic collapse? And are you taking it because you're just happy to have a job? Interesting time in office life everywhere...


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