all star weekend slam dunk contest

I've always rooted for the little guy in the NBA, from Mugsy Bogues (Dunbar stand up!) to Spud Webb and Allen Iverson. But after the Slam Dunk Competition, I gotta say - enough of Nate Robinson! Ok, maybe I'm still sore that he stole last year's crown from my man Andre Iguodala (they should've just crowned him after his behind the backboard dunk)

...but last night was excruciating to watch him fail attempt after attempt in the final round until finally making his final try. At first it was frustrating...then I felt embarassed for him. Even his competitor, Gerald Green was rooting for him to finally make it. Dwight Howard really should've been in the final. The "sticker dunk" should've gotten him through on pure humor.

Yes, it was gimmicky....but the whole contest has become gimmicky. Nate Robinson himself is a gimmick, since he gets high marks for his short height alone. Gerald Green has the hops and his Dee Brown tribute was cool...but I was ultimately disappointed in his final dunk. In the end, I wished the judges (MJ, Dr.J, Dominique, Kobe and Vince) would take over.


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