Chill Mode

Its been a hectic week. New job and new coworkers. Everyone is very nice...and extremely white. I don't mean that in a hateful way, but it has been a challenge to relate to their world (their sense of humor, taste in music and overall perspective eludes me at times). Since I am the only minority and one of the youngest in our marketing creative team, I feel very aware of my ethnicity and the generational gap. I'm sure I'll eventually adapt (or assimilate). Aside from that, these people seem happy go lucky and content with their positions. This type of behavior would be considered foreign in my old department. In fact, when I walk back to my old stomping grounds, the tension in the air is very tangible. I sense that the old heads want to leave as I did. I wish them luck.

So enough with that craziness, here are 3 tracks to ease ourselves into the weekend.
Mos Def - Umi Says

Cut Chemist - The Garden

Roy Ayers - Searching


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