summertime ramblings

Summertime in Jersey. Not exactly a paradise... but we do what we can. Summer is all about hitting the Jersey shore. Friday afternoon traffic from the bridges across Philly to all southbound routes are maddening. We used to enjoy the quiet calmness and family atmosphere of Ocean City. But nowadays we opt for the outlet shopping, slots and dining in Atlantic City. Since our return from Vegas, we've been dreaming like degenerates that AC would adopt the relentless development of Sin City and provide us with endless amounts of empty fun!
More summertime traditions - bouncing out of work early and grabbing a mango gelati at Rita's Water Ice. Nothing's sweeter than that mix of mango water ice and creamy vanilla ice cream! Taking trips to the ghetto-fied attraction known as Great Adventure...or dipping in and out of malls. That's culture baby!

Years ago, summer in philly was about rockin' jeans shorts to your ankles with a fresh pair of white kicks and hitting the meat market known as South St. Twirling some newly bagged sneaker boxes from Samsun and grabbing a slice of Lorenzo's. Or driving along Kelly drive blasting Fresh Prince's "Summertime" (of course) cheering on bikers, runners and rollerbladers who braved the heat. Or waiting for next game of pick up ball - dribbling and watching the scene through a chain linked fence. Or catching a mindless summer blockbuster for the mere purpose of staying cool from summer in the city.

Last night we caught a late night showing of the forgettable "Pirates of the Carribean 3" flick. The sillyness of the movie was washing away from our senses as we stepped outside of the theater past midnight. When we pushed through the doors, we were greeted by a rush of warm late night air embodies summertime.


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