weekend jazzmatazz

DJ Mark Ronson has that hipster appeal. I'll try not to let that bother me when I listen to his music. Same goes for Amy Winehouse. Despite the title of her lead single, she does need rehab. And not to be fashionable like other celebs that check in to rehab for publicity. She's truly a powder keg of self-destruction. But I dig her vibe. So do hipsters...but I'll try to ignore that.

Mark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse - Valerie

Much of my enjoyment of Gangstarr as a group was attributed to my love of DJ Premier's scratchology and sonic landscapes. I never fully embraced Guru as an MC. His overly monotone delivery was a perfect but often overshadowed aspect within Premo's sonic landscapes. Despite his current grouchy old school/old man reaction to his growing street irrelevance, I have to respect his longevity. 20+ years in hip hop is a rarity. And he still comes up with an occasional gem that will be overlooked. 2 tracks from his Jazzmatazz 4 project:

Guru feat. Common - Clarity

Guru feat. Caron Wheeler - Kissed The World


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