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I gotta push myself to smell the roses during the workweek. I swear my vision is permanently pixelated. And I have to remind myself that "command-z" doesn't exist in real life. I don't have carpal tunnel but my right hand is in permanent "mousing" position. And I get handcramps and brainfarts after writing one sentence on a piece of paper. Technology and its wonders are so demanding that your brain can easily sleep on everything else. Ever feel numb or dumbed down from being plugged in all day and night? Hitting the gym is a great physical release but here's a 5-day brain workout courtesy of uk.askmen

Small change: Brush your teeth with your weaker hand.

Sense: Vision
On your break at work, step outside and find an object to focus on. Take a tree, for example; how many shades of color do you see? How many of these colors can you put a name to? Consider the kinds of associations or metaphors you can make out of it, such as a “family tree” or the “tree of life” found in many religions.

Small change: Spell long words backwards.

Sense: Hearing
As different people speak to you throughout the day, cue in to the inflections they use to accent certain words or points. Listen to the words they’re stressing and ask yourself why these inflections are being used.

Small change: Ditch the calculator and do any and all computations in your head.

Sense: Touch
When getting out of bed or coming home from work, shut your eyes and feel your way around, relying only on the communication between your mind and your hands.

Small change: Shower/bathe in the dark.

Sense: Taste
Pick a recipe composed of mostly foreign ingredients and prepare it. Try choosing something that you’ve never tried but have always been curious about. Maybe you’ve never tried a curry dish, but the aroma has appealed to you.

Small change: Take a different route to work.

Sense: Smell
Pick any hour of the day and for that hour, keep a running count in your head of how many different odors and aromas you come across. Pay attention to the primary element in each, and your response to it.


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