Hair has been a humorously thorny issue with my wife. Over the years, she has desperately asked me on numerous occasions to grow my hair. I've teased her with unkept promises and failed attempts and for the most part, I have stubbornly worn it short in a variety of fades, caesars and baldies. Lately, I've shaved my head to a stubble and maintained it weekly. What can I say? Low maintenance is a plus. A fresh cut makes me feel renewed.

My wife has stated that her dying wish would be to see me with longer hair. She shows me pictures of Japanese male celebrities (like this SMAP dude) with teased, dyed and permed out hair. A little too pretty boy for me. But I have tried to grow it out in some other fashion, only to fail in the awkwardly fuzzy growing out stage.

So I've decided to document my latest attempt on this blog (maybe it'll help me stay vigilant) and see how long I can hold out. So far, I'm on Day #25 since my last baldy cut. It doesn't seem like a long time... but for me, its an eternity. My current strategy is to wear lots of hats until I can take it to a professional. Wish me luck!


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