pinoy right?

I'm already completing one of my new year's resolutions: getting a physical. I'm the typical guy that never visits the doctor. I never get sick (knock on wood). Been flu-proof for 10+ years and haven't caught a significant cold in recent memory. I guess having OCD-like tendencies have some benefits. I don't even remember ever sneezing in the office. Co-workers must think I'm a robot. My wife says there's a Japanese saying that if you don't get sick, it means you're an idiot. Sounds like she made that up to poke at my ribs, but I wouldn't know.

So, I finally gave in to my wife and mom's nagging and hooked up with a family physician in my area. The doctor is a well-groomed 40-ish dude - possibly hispanic or filipino. He enters the room, takes one glance at me and blurts out, "Pinoy, right?" Nobody ever gets me right. Even fellow filipinos have guessed me wrong. I shake off the shock and reply, "Yeah, you?" He smiles in a goofy way and answers, "Yes, I was born in the Philippines but moved to the states when I was six. So don't try to talk to me in Tagalog because I can't speak it." I reassure him that there are no worries on that issue since I can't conversate in our ancestral tongue either. Then I find out that he went to U of Maryland. Small world huh? Not to mention that my Japanese wife sees a Japanese doctor in the very same office!


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