stressed at work?

Here’s a test I found – answer yes or no to these phrases to see if you might be experiencing work-related stress:

I take work home most nights of the week and / or at weekends
I think about work problems at home
I voluntarily work long hours
Work affects my sleep
Family and friends complain that I spend too little time with them
I frequently talk about work at home and with friends
I find it difficult to relax after work
I find it difficult to say ‘no’ to requests to undertake additional work
I find it difficult to delegate
My self esteem is largely based on my achievement at work

Yes to one or two = you may just be dedicated to your job. Yes to more than four = you may appear obsessive about work to others. If you answered ‘yes’ to either of the last two, consult a doctor at once.

I'd even add one more to this test:
I dream (or have nightmares) about my work/boss/client

By the way I've been waiting to use this cheesy stock photo (above) for something. The image always makes me smile because I can either relate to this feeling or get encouraged that things aren't so bad. I gotta do a cheesy stock photo of the day.

Organized Konfusion | Stress (Large Professor Remix)


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