So I attended a bachelor party at Scores in Chicago and enjoyed the spectacle. There were several bachelor parties going on and its funny to see the mob mentality behind it. Groups of guys surrounding the bachelor's stage performance like a pack of dogs cheering the girls to increase his punishment and humiliation.

Strip clubs are not as much of a sexy experience as an interesting case study of human interaction and behavior. There's no denying that strippers have beautiful bodies (if you stick to the classy joints), but after a few minutes, even that effect is desensitized.

After a while you find yourself observing how the strippers work the money out of guys' pockets. Its equal parts visual as well as walking the walk. In many cases guys are happy enough to have a "hot" chick look at them. Simply walking past the bar will net a garter full of singles.

Talking the talk involves the most transparent form of flirting (no such thing as subtlety in this environment) with a dose of psychology. A stripping of the male psyche. A stripping of his wallet. She will eye an insecure type of guy and feign interest in his most inadequate interests to pump up his self-esteem. She'll approach an average joe type with a mundane account of her daily "girl next door" activities. Maybe she senses a sensitive guy and mention school loans and even kids for pity and awe. If she really wants to lock it down, she'll declare that she loves porn and sports. "Yo man, can you believe she's got that type of body with 2 kids?! And she loves watching football?!?"

As you can see, strip clubs are just like life - you can't believe anything you hear. But in the end, there's a sucka born every minute. Before you know it, the guy is head over heels littering her with 20's for a lapdance. Its pretty amusing. I'd like to think that most guys are aware of the role playing but you always come across a guy that falls for it. Those are the dudes that you pity. You'd have to ask a stripper to find out if this is empowering or whether its just a night's work in providing a needed service. Or both.


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