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"Please don't pull a Chris Webber. Please don't pull a Chris Webber." Those words were running in the back of my head as I heard of Elton Brand's impending signing of a 5 year/$82million deal to the Sixers.

Ok, it might not be a fair comparison to worry about - Brand is 29 - a veteran in basketball years, but young enough to warrant a 5 year deal. Plus, he provides a bruiser's mentality and a true frontcourt presence that Webber was never known for. The only cause for concern is Brand coming off an injury plagued year - but I'm fairly optimistic that he'll put up his usual 20 & 10 a night. And if he does, the Sixers should be relevant again in the East. This was a shocking signing. I, like everyone else, expected Brand to re-up with the Clips - especially after they made their big splash in signing Baron Davis. Even though knew that Brand itched to come back East to be close to family, I thought it was a longshot and Brand even expressed his wish to stay in L.A. Amazing how things change in a week - it all just goes to show that money talks.

Nevertheless, kudos to Sixers GM Ed Stefanski for pulling off a series of moves to get this team in the right direction much faster than I ever expected. By getting Brand, he addressed the Sixers' most glaring need (Did you expect any further improvement with Reggie Evans as your starting PF?). Next on the laundry list is a bonafide outside shooter.

By the way, how about the Clippers being the Clippers? Just when people were convinced they finally did something right by seemingly convincing Brand to stay with their huge signing of Baron Davis, they get foiled in the end. I wonder if Baron is regretting his decision...probably not, since no one else would offer him that kind of money.


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