Isn't it sad when friendships go wrong? I'm not talking about situations where friends drift apart for whatever reason... but rather when friendships get killed on the spot. When amicable gets flipped into animosity. This type of situation happened between me and one of my better friends recently. And suprisingly (or maybe not suprisingly), this is the first time I've undergone this unpleasant experience in all my years.

I won't go into the sordid details but it involves a female friend. Now you might think that's complicated already...and I've come across various debates about the validity of platonic friendships with people of the opposite sex - but I happen to believe that its possible. You'd think this current mess would make me believe otherwise, but I've had many platonic female friends throughout my life and I still think that type of friendship can work between mature people. Maybe this belief stems from the feeling that I seem to be more comfortable around women...or that my first confidant was my sister, with whom I still feel a closeness.

But back to the story: We had been good friends for 7 years and I supported her through all sorts of situations - marital, family, work problems etc. A couple months ago, she had a crisis in her marriage which involved her husband's potential infidelity with a co-worker. She asked for space to sort things out and I respected it. Then she drops a bomb that I've been an issue in their marriage since the beginning. Which is funny since her husband befriended me (maybe now deviously in retrospect) in the last couple years. Anyway, the friendship got flipped when I became a scapegoat for their problems and labeled as an unhealthy influence. And now its officially killed as we are permanently incommunicado. Initially I was disappointed and lost faith in close friendships. But I've realized that I did nothing wrong and I can't be blamed for their lack of maturity and their apparent inability to handle their own problems. All in all, I'm relieved to be free of this whole mess.

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