more than meets the eye

As a little boy, I desperately begged my Dad to take me to Toys-R-Us to buy some transformers. I would nag, tug on his hand and attach myself to his leg...but he would always refuse - claiming we were too poor. So, I resorted to making my own transformer paper cutouts. It was actually an involved process. I would tape the tv show on our VCR (my parents used to be proud about how I mastered the VCR at an early age haha), sit right in front of the tv, pause the playback at certain frames and draw the robots as accurately as I could. You can say it was my first attempt at live figure drawing - except it involved robots on video. I would color the drawings and cut out the robots. Then I would re-enact the episodes with my paper cutouts for hours. Pretty creative for a kid huh? Those cutouts were all forgotten when my grandfather passed away and my father began spoiling me by buying the actual transformer toys. But to this day, I still remember the cutouts more fondly than the toys. Although, I wouldn't deny being nostalgic if I came across an old toy. I actually still have my favorite Soundwave transformer.

Some Japanese dubbed transformer commercials from back in the day. As an 80's kid, this takes me way back.

By the way, Michael Bay better not mess up this movie on July 4th.


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