Vegas baby!

Its been an all-around stressful month, so my trip to Vegas was the exact kind of getaway that I needed. Its the equivalent of pushing work aside and zoning out on an empty yet indulgingly entertaining reality show. The whirlwind of shopping, buffets, live shows and attractions were cheesy, excessive and superficial - but never dull. We watched 2 great shows - Cirque Du Soleil's "Ka" and "Spamalot". And then to top it off, we attended "The Price is Right - Live!" and I was actually called to "Come on Down!!" to contestant's row on the main stage in front of 1,000 people. It was a great experience that we'll remember forever haha. I felt like my grandmother was watching me from above. I didn't have the winning bid to participate in a game, but I got a cool t-shirt and a photo with the host and the "beauties".

Aside from all the craziness, I was really happy to spend time with my cousin. She is fun personified. Every moment was a runaway train of jokes, laughter and funny stories on ourselves and our families. I've never hung out with her this much (I've always been closer to her brother) but I was glad that we were able to share everything about our lives and feelings so candidly. We both realized that its nice to be around family since we are both fairly isolated in our respective places of residence. She's really made a nice life for herself and as her "kuya", I've never been more proud.


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