born day

Why am I blogging on my bday? Well I actually went to work today and now I'm pretending to work. Birthdays aint quite the same when you don't want to keep track of your age. Not that I was ever into big celebrations...but its quite the non-event for me. Especially since I've had to share the day with 9-11 commemorations.

This morning I received some complementary greetings around the workplace. Then I ran into a former friend from my old department. She reminded me that her husband still doesn't want her to talk to me. Ouch. But I move on because I had nothing to do with their ongoing mess.

My real birthday treat was last weekend's return to Alma De Cuba. We had a nice spread featuring tuna, salmon & fluke ceviche; scallops over lobster risotto with plantains; duck respado with rice and vanilla rum tres leches. Yummy. A perfect birthday. No need for a crazy party. No need to get drunk with questionable friends. Just a relaxing dinner with my wife at a nice restaurant. Hmmm...I must be getting old


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