What's Tiki Barber got to say now? What a satisfying end to a memorable game between the G-men and the Packers. Usually a team is destined to lose after missing on several opportunities (Plaxico's drop before halftime that cost at least 3 points, McQuarters interception and fumble that allowed the Pack to tie the game at 20 and Tynes' missing a go-ahead FG with 6 minutes left and missing the game-winner at the end of regulation). Of course, Favre is exempt from getting killed over that horrible OT interception. Or the fact that he couldn't expose a depleted Giant secondary. But I'm glad 2 weeks of pre-Super Bowl Favre worship will mercifully be thrown out the window.

I'm torn about this Superbowl. I'd like to see the Pats go undefeated only to shut up those '72 Dolphins. But Big Blue's perseverance has won me over. Coach on the hot seat, former player turned talk show antagonist ripping a QB that everyone loves to kick around, Strahan and his preseason marital problems...and 3 playoff road games. And now they're 14pt underdogs.


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