photoshop disasters

Photoshop can be a tool with unlimited possibilities or it can be a curse for the careless. Some of these goofs on PhotoshopDisasters are funny. These examples also serve as reminders that you can't believe everything you see in print and the web. Airbrushing and retouching are out of control in many pubs - rendering people into pore-free mannequins or stylized illustrations. In my previous job, I spent a lot of time making people skinnier, younger, clear-skinned and tanned. Basically I performed digital plastic surgery. Some client requests were so overzealous that their image became distorted beyond recognition.

It's also interesting to see web design - specifically the web 2.0 look - influencing print design but I echo this blogger's fatigue from the relentless trend of reflecting everything. Should we thank Apple for this?


an average person said...

:) first photo was really funny

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