Top 20 worst football cliches

With football season approaching, its time to break out our favorite cliches courtesy of Bleacher report.

20) “We have to take it one game at a time.”
19) “Crabtree makes a circus catch.”
18) “The other team just wanted it more.”
17) “They left it all on the field.”
16) “He’s deceptively quick.”
15) “McCoy’s going to feel that one in the morning.”
14) “They are better than their record indicates.”
13) “He has a motor that won’t quit.”
12) “He really gives 110 percent.”
11) “There seemed to be a miscommunication on that play.”
10) “We have to play a full 60 minutes.”
9) “Boeckman would like to have that one back.”
8) “They have to take care of the football.”
7) “This Mountaineer defense is going to ‘pin their ears back’ on this next play.”
6) “He has a quick first step.”
5) “The Sooner defense bends but doesn’t break.”
4) “This QB is a real gunslinger.”
3) “Arenas is a downhill runner.”
2) “Sanchez has all day to throw it.”
1) “That guy’s a throwback.”

Here are my additions:
North-South runner vs. East-West
Downhill runner
Short field
Receiver getting "good separation" from the DB


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