favre'd out

Glad to someone in the media pointing out the vomit-inducing oversaturation of the Brett Favre-Green Bay soap opera. I'm glad its over. Everytime I switched to ESPN or ESPN news, I saw Favre. Then they would show a highlight of an actual sport for a minute...then back to Favre. Continuously for 24 hours. That old highlight of Favre celebrating with teammates in the frozen tundra and throwing a snowball playfully towards the Packer sideline has been burned into my memory. So much so, that I wish there was a machine like in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" to erase it from my brain.

We shouldn't be suprised since the majority of the media worship him like pre-teen Hannah Montana fans at her concert. The sports media have given Favre a free pass his whole career. You can count on him for a timely boneheaded interception (see: '08 NFC championship game) but his recklessness is framed as a brave gunslinger mentality. Yes, he has all the all-time stats and records but have you checked his playoff record? 3-7 since his only Super Bowl win - 13 years ago.

All the ass-kissing received from Packers fans and national media led him to believe he was bigger than the organization.

For years and especially with this pre-season, he has held the franchise hostage while waffling on retirement. Then he wonders why the Packers head honchos questioned his desire and mindset to play. I lost count on how many times he changed his mind only to blame others for forcing the issue on him. Nevermind, that he made a tearful retirement announcement and the organization moved on financially in restructuring their post-Favre salary payroll for free agents and used up a draft pick in selecting Brohm in the second round. In a classless manner, Favre escalated the drama and insisted his rights by badmouthing the Packers GM. He had no grounds for his trade demands which involved the Packers' arch-rivals in the same division.

And once Green Bay accepted his return and seemed willing to open the QB competition upon his arrival, he declared that his relationship with the team was irreparable. He wanted to either start for the Packers or get traded to Minnesota, Tampa Bay or Chicago. He got none of that and looks like the loser of this whole situation.

Favre could prove me wrong and lead the Jets into the playoffs (they have the easiest schedule in the league), but his legacy has been tarnished by his selfishness.


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