how bout them ravens?!

Way to close down Texas stadium and turn the lights off on the Cowboys!

I wasn't optimistic before the Ravens game at Dallas. The chips were stacked against them in a must-win situation on the road against a resurgent Cowboys team that just beat the mighty Giants a week earlier. How would the Ravens recover after that controversial heartbreak loss to the Steelers that cost them the division? The offense had gone into a shell with Flacco looking like a shook rookie during December. Not to mention it was the final game at Texas Stadium. In the media's eyes, the Ravens were surely an afterthought with little chance to spoil the homecoming game for America's Team. Surely an overflow of emotion, hoopla and the presence of Cowboy greats would be tough to overcome.

Yet somehow the Ravens overcame. Gutsy and defiant in victory. The team played with a chip on its shoulder, - knowing that before the season, Jerry Jones specifically requested the Ravens as the Texas stadium finale opponent becaused he smelled an easy win. Ed Reed and the defense smothered Romo for 3 quarters until an unexpected offensive avalanche in the 4th. Gutsy call by Harbaugh on the fake field goal to set up the first TD. Props to Derrick Mason for playing with one arm and scoring a tone-setting TD in the 3rd quarter. Props to McGahee (where have you been?) and McClain for their back-to-back long TD runs to stop the 4th quarter Cowboy comeback.

The Ravens have played well beyond my expectations (I pegged them for 6 wins at best) and credit goes to Harbaugh, Cameron and Ryan. The vaunted defense - although not dominating - has been solid despite key injuries. The offense has emerged from the dark ages of the Billick years to involve a little razzle-dazzle (wildbird package, reverses, receivers throwing TDs) while discovering new blood in Flacco, McClain and Rice. Playoffs would be lovely and anything beyond is icing on the cake.


NFL Classifieds said...

The Ravens 'looked like" Professionals. In deed it was unbelievable to Cowboy fans to hear that Flacco was a rookie. I know, because I'm a Cowboy fan. Still, I'm a Great Game fan. And my hat's off to the Baltimore Ravens for playing one of the best games Texas Stadium has ever seen. Even though they did wind up turning out the lights.

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