no mo

So long, Mo Cheeks. He's a great man and a legendary player of his time - but a mediocre coach. Nevertheless, he seems like the scapegoat for the 76ers poor play. When things go bad, the coach is the first to go. Is the coach at fault? Or has team chemistry been compromised by the Elton Brand signing? GM Ed Stefanski cited a regression in team play and a shake-up was needed to re-implement fast-break basketball. Stefanski gets a lot of credit for last year's surprising playoff run in urging Mo to play the young guys in an uptempo style. And it yielded results - and high expectations for this season.

This year's Sixers have lost their identity and have only succeeded in disappointment. Is it Mo's fault for not finding a way to push the transition game with Brand. Or is the low-post game of Elton Brand a bad fit for this team? Now, Mo has been a mediocre coach by record, but perhaps Stefanski's off season moves (signing Elton Brand and re-signing Iguodala) are not paying off and he's searching for a new coach to justify the expensive acquisitions. Elton Brand looks like a shell of himself and Iguodala is totally overrated and not worth the resigning. Can another coach make this work? Hmm, imagine Josh Smith running the floor.


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