Pac-man proved again that he's pound for pound the best fighter in the world. Props to Manny Pacquiao for dominating Oscar De La Hoya and bagging $11 million in the process. He jumped up 2 weight classes and outclassed the bigger - albeit over-the-hill - Oscar De La Hoya. The outcome was not a suprise to any boxing fan, but the actual domination was ugly. Manny's speed and agility neutralized any size and reach disadvantage. Pacquiao's straight left repeatedly connected to the head, eventually forcing De La Hoya to quit on his corner stool after the eigth round with a swollen shut eye and a bruised face.

Oscar admitted that he doesn't have it anymore and hopefully he hangs his gloves up. I was a fan of the Golden Boy during the '92 Barcelona Olympics and through his wars with Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez. Oscar's skills fell off early in this decade, but he deserves respect for being boxing's biggest box office attraction and for being the first Hispanic American to own a national boxing promotional firm.


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