let it snow

This image is random but funny. But who turned on the snow today? Just when I thought we'd get through the winter without any snow, we got our first significant storm of the season. Ok, it was only 3 inches but it was enough to keep half of my department home from work. Marketing people are spoiled and wimpy...every other department reported as usual.

I guess I'm officially old because I was hoping for no snow at all. Actually, if there's a chance of snow, it better be a blizzard or nothing at all. A few inches is a mere annoyance because it won't keep you outta work ... then you have to clean the car, leave early and slide around the roads. I'd rather sit in the office than shovel.

My co-worker from Boston laughs at all of us for southerners for panicking about a dusting of flakes. Her main beef is that no one plows streets around her. It doesn't help that no one knows how to drive in the snow here. You got either people as slow as molasses or SUV's going at breakneck speed. Slow and steady people!

Asw for my wife, she was calling me old as she prayed for a day off - just like the school kids that she deals with. Unfortunately, the Philly school systems are stingy with their snow days. The school system may be failing to reach academic standards but they teach you how to brave the elements.


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