upset for the ages

Unbelievable game! Ice water Eli did the unexpected in driving his team to the Super Bowl-winning touchdown with :35 seconds left. Everyone points to the Tyree catch where Eli played Houdini and avoided a sack 3 different times only to loft a floating pass that only gets caught in the movies. Tyree's acrobatic catch pinning it against his helmet and will be placed in Super Bowl lore alongside Lynn Swann's catch in Super Bowl X.

Extracurricular comments: Seeing the Mannings (especially Peyton) in all the commercials has been tiresome, but it was actually nice to see Peyton rooting for his brother. 2 Manning Super Bowl MVPs back to back?? Loved seeing Coughlin and Eli getting sweet redemption. Can't say I was suprised seeing the classless Bellichek running off the field before the end. He looked stunned outta his mind. Funny that Brady scoffed at Plax's prediction of 23-17 by saying at least give us more points than that. Then they get held to 14.

The football gods have struck down on Bellichek and the Pats with the ultimate karma for spygate and running up the score all season. Those same gods rewarded the Giants for not resting their starters and playing valiantly in a meaningless Week 17 game against the Pats. Amazing that its come full circle from that very game. A game in which Eli came of age and where the G-Men gained the confidence to run through the playoffs.

Bill Simmons deserves this after his arrogant season long slobbering of his beloved Pats.
And what's Tiki gotta say now? The only negative is that the '72 Dolphins got to pop some bottles last nite. They were probably poppin' geritol instead of champagne - but I'm sure they celebrated as much as any New Yorker.


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