sports & politics?

The Roger Clemens/Brian McNamee hearings are a prime example of how the government is broken. Shouldn't congressmen and senators have more important issues than interrogating baseball players and their drug dealing trainers? How about Iraq? Health care or the economy? Nope, these politicians grandstand for 5 hours and pretty much accomplish nothing that we didn't already know. Clemens is lying about using HGH and McNamee is a scumbag coming clean under duress. Is anything going to be resolved? I doubt they're going to get Clemens for perjury. Its obvious he's lying, but there's no smoking gun.

Sports and politics should not mix. Ugly partisanship even rears its head in this issue. Clemens reportedly conducted photo-ops with Republican politicians. He probably signed a few baseballs for them. Can't blame Clemens for trying - special interest lobbyists do the same things to push their agendas. Then in the hearings, Republicans tried to help Clemens by discrediting McNamee as a conman with a fake medical credentials. Dems went after Clemens. Either way it was an embarrassing ordeal for all involved. You had politicians leaving for hours at a time and returning to repeat questions asked 15 minutes earlier. Then they'll give excruciating soliloquys on their efforts against drug use and concerns for the youth. This whole ordeal was created for politicians to self-promote and push their own agendas.

Steroids is an issue that can negatively influence kids. I get that. But is it a crime that requires direct involvement from the federal government? I don't have a problem with them pressuring Bud Selig to clean things up. But federal hearings wasting our tax dollars?

Then you have Arlen Specter interrogating NFL commish Roger Goodell about Belicheck, the Patriots and "spygate". How does this require any government action? This is an internal issue for the NFL. This only bothers fans of football and not American citizens. Senator Spector looks like a wounded Eagles fan trying to explain why his team lost the Super Bowl to the Patriots.

I'm a big sports fan but let's get our priorities straight and recognize that sports is entertainment and there are more important things for the government to deal with.


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