walk hard

There's nothing like walking through NYC on a crisp wintry day. I don't mind a nippy nose or frosty earlobes as my body stays fairly warm from walking hard. Good exercise, shopping and eating all at once. Our feet chewed up 60 blocks of Manhattan pavement between soho & the village to midtown. Note to self: avoid walking through Times Square on new year's eve weekend. We celebrated new year's eve in Times Square years ago and it was a fun experience. Today was just claustrophobic. The ball aint droppin' today. Dick Clark or Ryan Seacrest aint out till Monday night. And for some reason all the tourists kept asking me for directions. I guess I look reliable. But I was really feeling aggravated as people kept stopping directly in front of me. I cut through a couple family photoshoots to escape the madness. Once we sat down at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants, I couldn't resist quoting Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon 1,2,3&4: "I'm getting too old for this!"


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