what's your daemon?

The Golden Compass was my wife's choice for a movie. I went in blindly - not knowing anything about the story or that it was based on a popular children's book. It wasn't great but it was surprisingly entertaining.

I love how within this alternate world, people's inner soul is manifested into physical form as an animal (daemon) that follows the person everywhere. A powerful figure is followed regally by an eagle, tiger or lion. A servant's daemons were meek rabbits or lap dogs. Most interestingly, children's daemons can speak and change form because their soul hasn't settled yet. Butterflies and birds morphed into kittens, mice, puppies and squirrels depending on the children's emotional states.

Even days after watching the movie, I found myself imagining my cat as my daemon - as he has a habit of following me around the house when hungry. But I see my daemon as more of a dog. I'm not sure which dog - since I'm not an expert on breeds. But a friendly, laidback and loyal dog with a preferrably attractive coat. My wife envisions my daemon as a mole - only because she says I look like a mole. She insists this isn't an insult - as moles are unique and powerful in their own right - but I'm not seeing it that way. As for herself, she loves to identify herself with a tiger. The tiger is her zodiac sign and by far her favorite wild animal. While my wife can show flashes of a tiger's aggression and boldness, she can also be reserved and demure. Definitely finnicky and feline - I see her daemon as a cat. So I imagine us walking down the street with my daemon dog and her daemon cat following us, nuzzling and being playful with one another.


k. terumi shorb said...

like your imagery at the end. very sweet. when i was in high school, people told me i was very cat-like. since then, i think that has changed. my two signs are snake and scorpio--both shrewd, powerful and sometimes ruthless. i don't really identify with any of these traits. i think of myself as a type of bird sometimes. maybe a falcon, but other times just a regular crow.

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