Congrats to the Spurs

Congratulations to the Spurs for winning one of the worst NBA finals ever. Even desperately repetitive shots of Eva Longoria couldn't save ABC from their TV ratings plunge. Casual fans tend to find the Spurs brand of basketball as vanilla. Fundamentally sound and selfless... but boring. But this year, the boring label might be more applicable to the personality of the team (sorry Timmy, what kind of nickname is "The Big Fundamental"?) rather than their actual play. Their offense is more versatile than ever as shown by their ability to switch gears from running through the uptempo Suns to grinding out the Jazz and Cavs. They are by far, the best passing team in the league. While Duncan continued his unassuming brilliance, the Spurs were truly reenergized by the emergence of Tony Parker's playmaking skills along with the circus shotmaking of Ginobli.

This forgettable finals can be blamed on the Cavs. They were absolutely the worst team to ever make the finals. They would have been a 7th seed in the West. The Spurs had more trouble with Denver - their first round opponent. Yes, Lebron played poorly (and needs to work on his jumper and get "Wise Lebron" to teach him about the forgotten skill of developing a midrange game) but his teammates couldn't make an open shot or grab a rebound to save their lives.

The Spurs barely cracked a smile when the final buzzer went off in the most ho-hum championship celebrations that I've ever seen. I guess it was too easy. How about Robert Horry flashing 7 fingers at ever camera? 7 rings!! He aint a HOF but its an amazing feat that he has the most rings of anybody outside that Celtic dynasty.

At least the misery ended quickly. Now on to the draft.


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