Get Lifted

Keep your Monday upbeat. Here's hoping for a quick workweek.

Chrisette Michelle feat. Will.I.Am - Be Ok
It was her voice that defined "Lost Ones" for Jay-Z and "Can't Forget About You" for NaS. Nice uplifting track that captures her jazzy sensibility.

Mutya Buena feat. Amy Winehouse - B Boy Baby
Guilty pleasure track. Mutya cuts a cute rework of the classic Ronettes song "Be My Baby" Plus she's half pinay!

Jill Scott - Hate On Me
All variations of the word "hate" in current slanguistics (i.e. "You're just a hater", "Don't Hate, Appreciate" etc) are beyond tired and serve as a cop out to quell any type of critical thinking. I blame Puff for his "Playa-Hater" track 10+ years ago. But despite the title, Jilly from Philly puts together one of her patented self-affirming songs. I can picture her walking around West Philly (like in that Long Walk video) and singing it in every hater's face. She got the pipes to make you step off too.


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