Finals preview

Hopefully we'll see a lot of this in the Finals. The Cavs did beat the Spurs in both regular season meetings, but of course the playing for the 'chip is a totally different level. The Spurs should take the finals in 5 games but LBJ should put on his show. I don't dislike the Spurs (although I dislike seeing Eva Longoria on the sidelines) but I find them to be boring. As a bball purist, I respect their unselfish brand of team ball, but there isn't a likeable character on this team. To get amped up, here's LBJ's Game 5 performance vs the Pistons - the stuff of legends and the definition of putting the team on your back.


kiita said...

over the breakfast table this morning, i read this entry out loud and both of us thought of exactly the same thing: the scene in 'finding nemo' when squirt (the baby turtle) is telling marlin (nemo's dad) how to exit the east australian current and marlin says, he's trying to say something to me, i just know it. in other words, sports-talk is a foreign language!

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