Heroes update

New characters update for "Heroes" Season 2: Generations in September:

Dania Ramirez (Sopranos) will play a new hero - Maya, a hispanic woman in her 20s with undisclosed powers. David Anders (Alias) will play Hiro's childhood hero, Takezo Kensei. Season 1 made many references to Kensei's legend and Hiro spent half the season in a quest to find the Kensei sword. Six other recurring characters will appear including Japanese pop star/actress Eriko Tamura who plays a princess in the feudal Japan time sequence.

So what's up with the white guy playing Takezo Kensei on the upcoming season of "Heroes"? Is this going to be in yellowface or like Tom Cruise in "The Last Samurai"?

Props to angryasianman for this pic:


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