don't stop believing...

I haven't watched the Sopranos for a couple years (its been so long that I barely recognize AJ) because it got stale to me and I didn't want to pay for HBO. Anyway, people are going nuts over this finale. I have some diehards in my office and they were debating with such raw emotion. One guy appreciated the interpretative ending but the majority were bitterly angry that there was no definitive conclusion. I've never heard so much passion from these people. Now they're heartbroken because its like they lost family. But hey, maybe they'll cash in and make a movie.

So I peeped the ending out of curiousity. Loved it. I don' t understand the uproar from some people. Even with all the whackings over the years, the series was never that clear in its direction. So an open-ended finale seemed appropriate to me. The cut to black at the end was great - it got everybody thinking their cable went out. Anything that messes with the viewer's head like that is genius. And that Journey song was a nice touch.


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