top chef

I love watching tv shows about food. My wife finds this baffling since I can't cook much beyond spaghetti or eggs. My usual retort is that I don't watch for inspiration but I admire the artistry of the process. I don't even necessarily get hungry from watching these shows even as my senses are overloaded by sizzling pans, rhythmic chopping and dramatic steam. For me, watching a chef creating a masterpiece dish is akin to watching an athlete at the top of their game.

I occasionally check in with Simply Ming, Yan Can Cook, Nigella, Giada, both Naked and Take Home Chefs...but right now I'm all about "Top Chef" on Bravo. The competition is fierce and the drama between the contestants put it over the top. Plus Salman Rushdie's wife, Padma Lakshimi plays a good host with her laidback stoner style.
Here's hoping the new season matches last year's tension . Last night 's episode brought back Anthony Bourdain (love his show on the travel channel) as a judge and I'll probably end up rooting for Hung - he seems to be positioning himself as the villainous "Marcel" character.


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